Utah Adopt-A-School helps foster student success.
We believe creating a community of industry-education partnerships will improve the lives of all students.

Partnership Cooperation


Lack of consistency, disruption, and misunderstood expectations can lead to mistrusting partnerships and poor outcomes. Genuine, authentic desires to help students with demonstrated patience builds trusting alliances.


Establishing meaningful and lasting partnerships requires a high commitment level to provide consistent interaction and accomplish critical goals.


The needs of a school may change frequently. Programs may change, interests may vary, and administrations may adopt new goals. Businesses also face internal changes that may impact the availability of time and resources. It’s essential to maintain open and honest communication between partners to produce effective results.

Tools & Resources

Building and developing meaningful partnerships requires careful planning and collaboration. Clearly communicating expectations will promote successful engagements. Determining the outcomes you aim to achieve will be essential elements in building a successful industry-education partnership. These tools and resources can guide you in your planning and communications.

Goal Setting Worksheet

Partnership Plans

Event Planning Checklist

Background Checks

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