Adopt-A-School: Partnership Plan Survey

The Partnership Plan is a key tool for success in the Adopt-A-School Program. It serves as a map for the school, partner and School Partnerships Division (SPD) to track the proposed activities and donation throughout the school year. *Schools* are required to submit this plan by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th. Below, please enter the minimum of 3 activities and 1 donation effort you and your partner will host together this school year. TIPS: 1. Before filling out this Partnership Plan, meet with your partner and review the one-pager outline of this Partnership Plan form, available under the Resources tab at This will give you a head start in mapping out your activities and donation effort. 2. Feel free to estimate information on this form if you don’t have the exact details for each component (e.g.--event dates, # of students served etc.) Questions? Contact, we’re here to help!

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Partnership Plan Survey
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