Updating Business Offerings

Business offerings are how schools see what type of programs you are willing and able to fulfill. The Adopt-a-school system also uses your offerings to match your business with suggested programs that could be a good match. This article will walk through the process of updating your offerings.

Updating your business offerings:

  1. To update your offerings, first click on your User Logo in the top navigation.
  2. Click on the link that says “Business Offerings”
  3. This should scroll you all the down to the bottom of the page, but if not just scroll all the way down to find the “Business Offerings” section.
  4. You can then check or uncheck any offerings you wish to add or remove from your profile.
  5. You can also update your commitment level by checking or unchecking any of the boxes in that section.
  6. Once you’re done updating, be sure to click the “Update” button to save all of your changes.

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