Utah Diesel Tech Pathways Program

The Utah Diesel Tech Pathways program is a multi industry-education partnership offering high school students opportunities for career exploration and an avenue to begin their journey to be a part of a rewarding career as a diesel technician. Industry partnerships established throughout the state work together to offer students scholarship opportunities, job shadowing experiences for exploration and support high school students along their path to earn a Deisel Technician certification from Utah’s technical or community colleges. Paid intern programs, on-the-job training, and extended educational opportunities with Utah technical colleges are all a part of fulfilling careers in the diesel industry. Education partnerships collaborate with industry partnerships to ensure students are gaining relevant skill sets taught in the classroom and facilitate connections between Diesel Tech students and employers The Utah Diesel Tech Pathways program and its industry partners have banded together to create a 501(c)(3) to offer qualified and interested students an opportunity to pursue a scholarship award to provide a student with tools to use on the job as they pursue their career in the Diesel industry. The Diesel Tech pathways program represents over 100 partnerships between education and industry devoted to driving student success and access to valuable education and employment opportunities

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