Stadler Rail

In partnership with Salt Lake City School District, Salt Lake Foundation, Salt Lake Community College, and Talent Ready Utah, Stadler Rail offer a youth apprenticeship adopted from the Swiss model of apprenticeship. This innovative apprenticeship program serves high school students by providing valuable hands-on learning and application of skills in a real work setting.

Students from Salt Lake City School District split their time between the classroom and Stadler Rail as they begin earning credit towards their Associate of Applied Science degree from Salt Lake Community College. As part of this apprenticeship, Stadler Rail provides students with mentoring and a system of support as apprentices work to complete their college degree, earning a wage without the burden of paying for their education.

In coordination with the Salt Lake Foundation, students are provided lunch and transportation to ensure their success, and while students are practicing skills learned in the classroom, Stadler Rail has the opportunity to encourage students along their educational and professional path.



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