Brainstorm, Inc.

Mont Harmon’s Successful turnaround was well underway when Brainstorm got involved. Heroes including Principal Allred and Renee Banasky were responsible for the dramatic change and Brainstorm has supported the momentum and trajectory of the local efforts”- Derek Adams, CTO, Brainstorm Inc.

In an effort to support the cultural change championed by Mont Harmon’s leadership, Brainstorm devotes time to sponsor Tech Fairs, one-day events where all 8th-grade students rotate through hands-on and interactive stations where students explore topics related to graphic design, coding, video editing, circuit building, VR and film making. Brainstorm employees have given time to visit classrooms offering interactive stations intended to spark imagination and vision for students. Stations focused on creative writing, storytelling, data science, and animation.

In addition to these interactions, Brainstorm has been invited to address classes where employees speak about career opportunities, life lessons and advise students while leaving room for students to interact and ask questions.

Brainstorm, Inc. has supported multiple reading programs over several years, where efforts included creating videos to promote reading, sponsoring gifts for student accomplishments, and creating Between the Lines- a competition where students submitted creative works based on their favorite book. To support this effort judges, logistics, and awards assemblies were managed and sponsored by Brainstorm.

In partnership with Mont Harmon, Brainstorm has piloted an online tech class offered to students multiple times throughout the school semester to serve students remotely. From 3D printing to HTML coding, students created their own board games, modeled characters from books, and worked as a team to develop a fully functional website.

While Brainstorm has enjoyed visiting Mont Harmon, they also look forward to coordinating and hosting field trips for students to visit multiple tech companies in a day at the heart of Silicon Slopes.

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